Monday, August 19, 2013

That Thing I Do That You Should Do

Article in Salon about Otherworld, something I have a great number of staff t-shirts from. It's unique, challenging, fun, and pretty amazing. It's the anti-LARP, so don't let fear of people in pantaloons speaking in bad Victorian accents scare you way - that doesn't happen at OW.  To use the phrase I coined, 'The Day called. It needs saving.'  Come be a Big Damn Hero.  Here's the story.

Also, a reminder that On The Premises has a writing contest up and running that you should enter! it's free,  has cash prizes and also free critiques for the top ten non-winners.  Also, I'ma  judge. HOW CAN YOU RESIST? I submit that you cannot. Go here.

Writing: 584 words in about 25 minutes, after a delayed start. It involved kale. Don't ask.

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