Friday, August 23, 2013


Every morning when I stumble out of bed at 5am and drop down in front of my computer, I have a decision to make. Work on the novel? Edit that novella that's screaming at me to be finished? Work of copyediting other people's stuff? Play Clash of the Dragons instead?

For the past 4 weeks it's always been option #1. I like to think I'm settling into a good groove and really doing fun stuff with the characters, but I'm also aware that the year or so I took off to work on short stories is going to make the two halves of the book a little disjointed. It would have made me crazy, but I finally understand - that's what editing is for. Just write, get the words on the page, and worry about making them less horrific later.  This has changed from something all about powers to something all about people, and I'm hoping it's for the best. If not, well, I can always use another few rejection slips (no, I really can't).

Writing: 624 words. Steady as she goes. And I snuck in a CotD battle too I'M A BAD MAN

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