Thursday, August 8, 2013

Modern Day Rogues

Fascinating bit of investigative blogging right here as Victoria Strauss uncovers what appears to be a web of linked sites designed to separate would-be writers and their money.  Self-publishing fiction is often an ill-advised move despite the few successes that are loudly trumpeted about (yes, I know about Wool. It's a very good short story that was stretched into a not-so-great novel.  Seriously, the middle section of the book is embarrassingly bad.  We're talking Twilight bad here).  So if you decide to go that route, please be careful.  Choose your warning - if it sounds too good, TANSTAAFL, whatever - and be smart.

This morning's writing: 699 words.  It's both fun and easy to write for the angry, bitter ex-boyfriend of the protagonist's wife. Toss in the 1.5 hours of heavy copyediting I did last night and I can almost feel like six years of higher education might not have been a complete waste.

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