Monday, November 11, 2013

Game Over, Man.

The Boy's football season is over. Probably his career as well, as I think his lack of footspeed bothered him after watching the two or three fast kids run all over the place. We finished up against the jerkweed team, and once again I had to get creative to counter their BS tactics. One of their kids was repeatedly ignoring the rules - 7 yards back on D, no rush until the handoff. I mentioned it a few times to the other coaches and they pretty much gave me lip service. When I told the kid, he sneered at me. SNEERED. Six year old thugs don't get to sneer at coaches.

So I set up a faily complex play that involved The Boy faking a handoff into the line and then giving the ball to one of our zippy runners on an end around. The thug came barreling in and after knocking our other player over charged into the backfield EVEN THOUGH THE BALL HADN'T BEEN HANDED OFF YET. Dick. Anyway, The Boy made the exchange and Thuglsey was about to grab his flag when Brandon, the kid I had put in a specific spot, absolutely drilled the kid into the ground with a crushing block. Blocking has become sort of legal by that part of the season, and it was GLORIOUS. The kid got up and immediately tried to punch my player, but I was ready for that and scooped him up before he could throw a fist. meanwhile, our ball carrier went for a 50 yard TD. I know, petty, but it was fun. We worked the play-action on them again as well. I'll be sad if my football coaching career is over, but maybe the Boy will opt for rugby next.

Writing: Saturday 641, today 801. Making it happen, for better or for worse.

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