Friday, November 8, 2013

DId You Not Sense the Great Disturbance in the Force?

I missed an update yesterday. Somehow the world kept spinning. Shocking!

The Wife is away on business for five days, and last night after the kids went to bed I CUT LOOSE! Taping for painting! Slaying the laundry monster! Editing! I'M LUCKY THE POLICE DIDN'T SHOW!

Tonight offers the same debauchery. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually fire up a video game of some sort MADNESS!! I actually need to do more editing and start prepping my Anonycon games. And insulate the garage. And submit some stories. PARTY TIME WOO.

I actually have a hockey practice tomorrow night. I'm encouraged these youngins want to improve. Maybe we'll actually score a goal before the season ends. We're starting a pool! A buck a player a game. I'm going to live in the goal crease.

writing: 471 Thursday, 741 today. Trying to keep from moving too quickly while moving things along. Also, difficult to write when Terror Kitty sits on my keyboard.

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