Monday, September 23, 2013

What is This, Texas?

I'm not going to get into details but I ran into Those Guys this weekend at The Boy's flag football game. The Guys who teach 5 year olds that they have to WIN and one who has his obese kid throwing a CRACKBACK BLOCK on a kid who weighs about 30 pounds soaking wet. It was insane. Suffice to say I stood up for my ducklings. But seriously, in a Kindergarten-age game of flag football where nobody is keeping score, you shouldn't be watching to see which side I'm telling my ADHD kids to run to and then STACKING ALL YOUR KIDS UP THERE. It was nuts. Jerkweeds.

Spent over twenty minutes circling the center ice circle yesterday and managed to fall down a lot around two brief, weak crossovers. Not ready for the NHL yet.

Writing: 711 Saturday, 347 today. Not too bummed about this morning's lousy output because it was a new chapter and I had to do some cleaning up of my outline. Also, I managed to get my novella/novelette/not-short story sent off to an anthology actually considering long pieces, so fingers shall be crossed there.

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