Friday, September 6, 2013

A Good Excuse

I have friends coming to visit this weekend, which plays merry hell with my writing schedule. Noyt tht it needs the help, as I have a novella that needs editing, my weekly Pathfinder game to be prepped, a looming con I need to prep games for, a professional copyediting job I'm working on, and now hockey starting up. Plus, you know, the job and the family. Damn kids. ALWAYS DEMANDING ATTENTION.

Anyway, I'll miss a writing session or two while they;re hear and THAT"S COOL. The book will wait. My mental health will not. I need to take all of our kids to the Bronx Zoo and have a great time and then when the rugrats go to bed break out the Cards Against Humanity and laugh myself sick hanging out with these awesome people. My friend Kevin said it best - 'There are people you meet that you know you'll be acquaintances with, and then there's a very few that you know from the moment you meet you'll be dear friends with for life.'  Sage words, those.

Writing: a surprising 612 words. I wasn't feeling it, but evidently my brain was. Finished a chapter and in the next one IT ALL COMES DOWN. Poor Jack.


  1. When you next want company for a Bronx Zoo run, we love heading there. Also the Central Park Zoo... Tobin's a big fan of both.

    Good luck, sounds like a busy fun weekend.