Friday, August 16, 2013

I Think I Know Where it Is

Seeing the Rifftrax version of Starship Troopers live in a theater last night made me remember that way back when I was in grad school and first discovered MST3K I decided that they MUST need more writers and sent off a non-solicited resume. Not surprisingly a few months later I received a form letter rejection saying they weren't hiring at the time, and I kept that sucker.  if I can find it I'll post my failure from best brains for all to see.

By the way, I heartily recommend seeing a Rifftrax in the theater. Good fun.  I believe the next one is 'Night of the Living Dead,' scheduled on October 24th. Check out their website. I'm tempted to order a few of their other ones for home play as well - they do popular movies and you just synch up the track for the MST3K lite experience.  You have to provide your own silhouettes.

Writin' - 740 words.  Might do editing instead tomorrow. Might not.  I hope the anticipation doesn't keep you awake tonight.

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