Monday, December 9, 2013

Yeah, I know, I know

Sorry - between gaming prep and work I was run ragged last week, so I missed updates. Writing continued at almost a full clip. Better update (with Hockey!) either later today (not likely) or tomorrow. Maybe tonight. Plan accordingly.

Gaming notes - had 9 - that's NINE - people at my Inspectres game. Should have been impossible, but we did okay. They took down the T-Rex from the Jurrassic PArk ride at Universal Studios that was being powered by the spirits of angry C and D actors that had been forgotten. Good fun. the law of 'give 'em enough rope' worked beautifully.

1st KAMB! game was okay, has 3 12 year old boys so yeah. 2nd one was rollicking and creative.

DW mod didn't get finished but they loved roleplaying the characters and doing the puzzle rooms. My dice game was a HUGE hit. Maybe I'll try it at Rabbitcon.

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