Monday, October 14, 2013

Let 'em Know You're There!

We lost 6-0 in hockey last night, which somehow can be considered an astounding improvement over last week. They scored the last goal with 2 seconds left as a guy who should be a few divisions higher went end to end - it would be like Tom Brady showing up to quarterback in a men's touch league game. Still, for most of the game they had to acknowledge we were actually out there with them at the same time, and I think we put close to ten shots on goal. I discovered that I really like checking people and playing with a  physical edge, which ought to be interesting in a non-checking league. Next week our gametime is Sunday night at 10:45 PM. Come read my joyous blog entry on Monday.

Writing: 688 Friday, nothing on Saturday as I worked on an editing job instead, and 777 today. My verbosity is being unruly again.

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