Thursday, October 10, 2013

Go Back and Smack a Hippie

Excited to be running a playtest version of Kevin Kulp's Timewatch game tonight for 3/4s of my regular gaming group. The system is fun and creative, and without a doubt my way-too-smart players are going to abuse the 'preparedness' skill to no end. That okay, they're in big trouble back in our Pathfinder game as a Witchfire has most of them lit up and is about to start dumping 12d6 on them. They'd better come up with a  good plan quickly! Tonight, however, they have a bigger problem. But is it a really a problem?  Who doesn't love a police state?

I am counting the days until I can play hockey again. After the next three games I have two weeks off UNACCEPTABLE

The new Gentleman Bastards novel, by Scott lynch, is so good it's almost depressing. What a fantastic writer he is. Absolutely brilliant.

writing: 845 words. More relationship stuff. I think ti works, but who knows.

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