Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Not Judging You! No Wait I Totally Am JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE

I will have some very cool news this afternoon - well, definitely cool for me, hopefully cool for you as well - that I can't talk about yet, but in the meantime I have other spiffy things as well. As mentioned yesterday I decided to branch out and made on offer to be a contest judge (and editor, it seems) for an online mag and it appears that I have pretty much been accepted instantly. So, if you like to write you should check out  On The Premises magazine.  They run contests year around, offer free critiques for the top ten, and have a top prize of $180 for each winner.  Why wouldn't you enter?

So come over and take a look.  This quarter's contest just started last week and the theme is 'instructions.'  Come make me see how awesome a writer you are!  Although it'll be blind judging by the time I get to it and I'll be going on merit alone.  BE MERITORIOUS!

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