Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Well, That Explains A Lot

First - whatcha doing Dec 6th-8th? Why not come play games at Anonycon with me? I running three different games - Kobolds Ate My Baby!, Inspectres, and a Dungeon World mashup with mini and other (hopefully cool) stuff. Plus GMs much better than myself as well. Check it out! Come! It's a very nice, very friendly little con.

Back to hockey. One of my major frustrations with learning how to play is that I have too many whiffs on the puck, mostly on what should be easy attempts to corral the puck. I couldn't figure out why. I happened to mention it to Shequi today and he said the ref had mentioned that I tend to skate with the heel of my stick on the ice instead of the main part of the blade. That's awesome to know because now I can be cognizant of it and try to fix it. Can many goals be far behind?

Yes, probably.

writing: 741+ words. Finally finished chapter 36, which waddled in at a bloated 13000 words. Ooops. Chapter 37 will truly set the end game in motion, and I should be able to wrap it up in under 15k words, which would probably put me somewhere between 120-130k - not optimal, but after an edit it might be okay.

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