Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not Okay

Today is acting a whole lot like a Monday, which isn't okay because Monday did a pretty effective job of being a Monday all by itself. My industry is still trying to recover from the million+ cars taken off the road by Cash for Clunkers - it saved the dealerships, but it's almost destroyed the mechanical and auto salvage industries. One of my two dismantlers quit yesterday after five or years of us putting up with him, to 'go follow his destiny.' Destiny must mean 'work at a Maaco,' because that's where he went. He was a nice enough guy who worked reasonably well but at a snail's pace. Also, he was under the delusion he knew everything, which was a source of never-ending strife. I know my other dismantler is probably thrilled that he's gone, and I think I'm okay with the reduced rate of work getting done in exchange for the decrease in payroll, at least over the winter. Business needs to pick up, or we'll all need to go work for Maaco.

Maybe I should have taken that editing job with Random House out of college . . .

Writing: 745 words. Not even trying to restrain myself anymore. Write write write, and then edit it later.

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