Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hit 'em in the Mind! Also, a question for fellow writers/editors

As expected, I've been put on the house team for hockey. I was given #16, one of the Hanson Brothers numbers. My friend Jeff was given #18, which was also a Hanson Brother number, in this case for the one named . . . Jeff.

This can't be a coincidence.

So, I just finished being a judge for a writing contest. It was fun and I was happy that my choice for best story was actually very good. The editor thanked me for my work (judges provided some criticism as well for the non-winners) and then surprised me by asking what I'd like as compensation. I'd taken on the 'job' mainly for the experience and to hone my editing skills. Out of the ten finalists, I would have plucked maybe a total of three from a slush pile to make the initial cut. It was good to see some of the not-so-great stuff. The editor suggested a plug n the magazine's newsletter, but I'm loathe to promote my editing availability because I'm not really available right now and also, they do some too on the stories they get and I don't want to step on toes. He also offered a guest writer spot, which would be another publishing notch but a) it feels a little backdoorish to me and b) I don't imagine I'd get paid for it, which is less an economic issue than it is a personal preference one. I like knowing that others found my stuff good enough to publish, not that I was 'owed one.' Still, exposure is exposure. So I ask you all - any suggestions?

Writing: 802 words. Yes, word count is spiraling, but this chapter is almost over and then I can move to end game. Afterward is the edit, which is going to be bloody. BLOODY I SAY. Some of the earlier chapters were written three years ago. There will be hacking!

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