Friday, September 19, 2014

Can't Quite Taste It Yet

 Three more chapters to go before my re-re-re-write is done. Granted, there's 25K words in them there chapters (right now - I'm going all Jack the Ripper on their bloviated asses), but ye gods it's almost done. Again. I hope it's readable/publishable/good/fun. If nothing else, I'd like to be able to sleep past 5am one morning a week without feeling guilty that I should be up editing. Or writing. Wriditing. Yeah, that works.

Friend of mine from college died. I', sad but somewhat disconnected about the whole thing - we had great times together, but I'd seen/spoken to him one time in 24 years and not in 14 years. My fault, I suppose. The funeral isn't feasible - up near Boston, an 8 hour round trip - but I'm still wondering if I'm some sort of sociopath for not going. 46 is too young to die, though. RIP, Wheat. Thanks for all those nights of drinking beers while playing Strat-o-Matic hockey. I was a nerd even then. GOALIE RATING!

I like the kids' teachers for this year. Becky's has already singled her out as a brainasaurus and will recommend her for G&T. I think she's a little miffed that Zack's already in it and she isn't. Zack has a new kid in his class and, having been that before, we told him to go out of his way to be friendly. Turns out the kid has ADHD and may be a bully, but the mother flat out begged me to encourage Zack to keep trying while they tinker with the kid's med. Zack is a lot more passive than I was, to be sure. I was not too tolerant of being bullied as a kid and my parents had o come down to the school more than once because I'd been in a  fight. Grr. Snarl.

Did a fullbore LARP with my friend Eric (not the dead one) and had a good time. It was deathly hot but I still made some good memories and new friends. I'm more excited to try his game, which ran the next weekend and was impossible for me to make, so I'll do that in the spring. I embrace my inner nerd. Actually, I'm pretty much humping it by this point.

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