Friday, June 27, 2014

Death or Hockey is the name of my Canadian Clash cover band

Okay, a little less sturm and drang around here as I think I've said all I felt like I had to say on the whole OW fiasco and should just move on. Last night, for the first time in the Pathfinder campaign I run I managed to kill a PC. While I don't have to fudge too many rolls with this group, I have in the past once or twice to nerf a death. Why? I like my PCs to be bloody, battered, and knowing they just made it through the battle by the skin of their teeth. It's getting harder to challenge them, which led to this happening.

The wizard in my group is run by a very experienced and savvy player. Is he a bit min/maxxed? Well, yeah. The yin to his yang is his girlfriend's character. She was brand new to gaming so he helped her design it and it addresses every weakness his wizard has - basically her ranger is an engine of destruction that has favored enemies that are the things he can't affect with his conjuration/mind effect spells. At 9th level her damage rolls are routinely in the 30-50 range per strike, and more often than not she's hasted AND equipped with the minor artifact sword that that path provided. So I have to beef up the monsters against them, and last night I rolled two crits from giants who were adding +15 to their damage rolls. I knew she was bloodied, but not in that bad of shape. Usually she comes away nicked up after crushing whatever she's up against in a round or two.

To her credit she took it in stride, which made the couple of fortunate rolls in her favor that got her resurrected seem less of a pandering move. Of course, using something of that power magnitude is going to bring down some unwanted attention . . .

Spring hockey is over and we completed another perfect season - 0-10. We had a great time and really, with  4 rookie defensemen we didn't have lofty expectations. Our last game was against the guys we played with last season, and we lost by a goal. They had a guy way too good for our league, and at one point in the second period he tried to set up in front of my net and we spent a good minute fighting and jockeying for position - it stayed clean, but it was hard-fought. After the game he sought me out and lauded me for that bit. This is why I love hockey.

I also discovered that my shin guards are supposed to be 16" high but the ones I have are only 14", which is my the slapshot I went to my knees to block found unprotected flesh on my thigh and raised a welt that, at its worst, looked like half a softball had been grafted on my leg. It's 5 days later and the bruise is still hard and warm at the center. Yay hockey?

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