Monday, March 10, 2014

About Time

Started the first edit of my bloated novel's first draft. Well, second draft. And since I'm going over it again it's like a third draft. Whatever. I've taken the first step.

Hockey News: We can haz team. After being tossed aside like moldy old socks Sheq, Jeff, and I decided it was better to put together a team of our own than to go back in the free agent pool again. Also, it was better than whining. At this point we've got at least 12 skaters and a goalie, so we're a team. We're using the jerseys of some team called the Ice Pirates but after numerous jokes we decided to go with Scurvy Dogs instead, which is quite the unintentional homage to my wife. We have a playoff game Wednesday night and while a win is unlikely, it's not impossible - 2 weeks ago this team beat us 3-1. Sunday morning  clinics have been helping me skate better and showing me how far I have to go to be a good player (hint: it's a loooooooooooong way). Took the Boy skating Saturday and he's getting more confident. He was done after a half-hour but I think he might do a little soloing soon.

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