Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Little to Do, So Much Time - Strike That, Reverse It

Lots to talk about - 2 hockey clinics and the very real chance I'll finish the first draft of my book (okay, draft 1.5) either tomorrow or Tuesday morning -= but for now a quick note about another publication, this one as a judge's perk in On The Premise's mini contest #23. For the second time in a row the three stories I selected were all in the top three, which means I guess I know something good when I see it. The one I liked the best came in 3rd, but to be it's still the cleverest of the bunch. And why again aren't you entering OTP contests? I'll be judging the next one as well and you should, dammit, you should.

Here's the link to the contest you so desperately want to click on . .

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