Sunday, March 22, 2015


Been away so long I hardly knew the place . . . 'tis been neglected. I'll get on that soon. Quick recap - book finished, read and commented on by beta readers, and now going through a final (AHAHHAHA) edit. I have about 10 chapters to go, although I have to add another one as well. Still, it's getting there.

Just finished fall/winter hockey, we're getting better. Still loads of fun. Somehow resisting taking karate so far, especially after a training class with Zack Saturday that included on offer for a few month. If I hadn't started collecting goalie equipment I don't know if I'd ben saying no . . .

Kids are great. Wife is great. Will be coaching both softball and baseball because I'm insane. Doing a D&D-based LARP in a few weeks. Doing my best drag work out of the doldrums. So so glad theis miserable winter seems to be over.

Okay. More soon. Need to talk about trying to be a better person.

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