Wednesday, August 27, 2014

End of Summer Round-up - Yee-ha!

Yeah, I've been slacking a little lately on the blogging. It's a combination of vacation and being busy, but here I am so let the pigeons loose.

::flap flap::

Anyway, Summer hockey has ended with our brave little toaster of a team going 3-5. That's a huge improvement over 0-10 and we could have gone 4-4 with a few different bounces. I've been able to watch tape of our games - our goalie has this thing called a GoPro which is kinda awesome - and realized I looked like I was skating while on a very short horse - my legs were way too wide. Should maybe someone have mentioned this at the clinic I used to go to? Perhaps. In any case, I've tried to be more conscious about ti and when I remember to keep my feet together I look almost non-spastic on the ice. I finished the season somewhere around even, helped by being +3 for our final game. I'm still terrible, but a lesser degree of terrible than before. Soon I may just be awful, with dreams of crappy danicing in my eyes.

Vacation at Hershey was fun, and afterward I finally trekked down the Shore and saw the vacant lot that was the beach house. Sad. Things are good on most fronts - business is still too slow and I'm still waiting on authors so I can do some more editing, but that's life. I'm within striking distance of finishing my retooling/rewrite/re-edit of Dancing with the Boneyard Gods, although I already thinking some of the early chapters can be excised as well. Soon it will go into the hands of the victims readers and I'll get lots of constructive feedback. Bring out the cat-o-nine tails! Looking forward to spending Labor Day weekend with wonderful friends up near Boston. Jumping down the rabbit hole and doing a LARP the following weekend. Don't care what people may think, it sounds like fun.

Still enjoying XCom. Shut up, I'm old and have little free time. And why can't I have a squad of 6 snipers?

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