Thursday, April 3, 2014

What is a Writer Who Does Not Write?

Howdy, gang. Been a little busy lately and ignoring this blog. I've been doing a lot of editing lately: I've finished a first pass through a book I was hired to edit and am waiting on the authors to resolve comments/suggestions/clucking before I make another pass through; I took a few hours to go over a friend's story that's anthology-bound. He agreed with about 75% of my recommendations - and there were a lot - which I think is a pretty good ratio; and I'm digging into a first edit on my revised novel. That's going slow as I'm working with stuff I wrote three or four years ago, as opposed to the more recent chapters which seem much, much better written. Heh.

But what I'm not doing much is writing, and for me that like exercising - the more I do, the easier it is. So I need to start carving out some time for that. I have a novella or novelette or whatever the hell 10,500 words is that I love but damn it's difficult to find a home for something that big. So I need to balance finishing my novel while being ready to do more editing on a hired job while also working a demanding full time job and keeping a wife happy while raising two kids while co-running a hockey team while GMing a weekly Pathfinder game while whining and complaining on this blog. Yeesh.

Scurvy Dogs hit the ice Sunday. Number of practices: zero, although that's the league's fault. Number of regular goalies there: zero, but he's gotten us a sub. Number of people besides myself happy with playing defense: zero, but some people are willing to give it a try. I have no idea what we'll be like. Between the five of us coming from the Raiders we have 1 goal and 1 assist. The majority of our new pickups are guys who haven't played since high school, although we also have one guy who has a backyard rink and another who coaches. In this division you really only need two or three good players and have the rest of the team play cohesively to win, or so I've observed. In any case, once more into the breech, my friends.

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