Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I wouldn't! Well . . .

The Boy got another tab on his yellow-striped belt yesterday, and I'm thrilled to see he still enjoys karate so much. I signed him up for another 6 month contract. When I asked what happens if he suddenly loses interest or gets hurt or whatever, and I was told the money doesn't expire and can be used whenever.

Or by anyone.

Oh, my. Maybe some subtle discouragement . . . no. Kidding. I watched him pull off a nice frontkick-round kick combination last night and was super proud.

Writing: 602 words. Another day or two (or three) for this chapter and then on to the final one. Also, I had that wonderful moment when I figured out an awesome way to work in one of the ending bits instead of using a deux ex machina for it. It gave me a big grin and probably kept me from throttling the Gorram Cat, who kept insisting on walking on my keyboard.

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