Monday, September 9, 2013

R & R

Yup, taking of Saturday to relax with friends ended up being a good idea. I managed to get some of the novella edited last night and was in a good writing mood this morning. Tonight nothing will get done as my hockey clinic starts - well, it's not my clinic per se, just one I'm attending, and I'm figuring if I get there 40 minutes before start time I should be able to figure out how to wear all the equipment by then. Rugby was so much simpler.

This weekend we had a round of Cards Again Humanity with such lame answers that we didn't allow anyone to win it. It happens. Friends are fun.

writing: 685 words as I hit the trigger point for, in Fiasco terms, the tilt of the story. Sticking to my writing schedule as the rest of my time goes a little bananas with hockey, Zack's football and karate practices, copyediting, gaming, and the usual family stuff. Plus cleaning out a garage and building a studio, prepping for a garage sale, judging a  story contest you should totally enter but do it soon because it's over on the 27th!  I HAVE TO DO THE THINGS. Ye gods.

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