Thursday, July 18, 2013

In Which I Am Wistful

First things first - I'm here to shill for something I'm not even in.  The sequel to Machine of Death is out, and the editors of This is How You Die would LOVE to make it to the NY Times bestseller list.  So I am recommending that you go to your local bookstore or maybe here and grab a copy before Saturday.  This is a good book put out by good people and they're trying to make the bestseller list via normal means instead of the one-day blitz we did last time that made us the #1 damn book on all of Amazon (suck it, Glen Beck).

Am I bitter that I'm not in this volume?  No.  Disappointed and wistful absolutely, but not bitter or angry.  I write two stories and I thought they were pretty good, but as is my penchant I left them somewhat ambiguous in ending and was informed that they were trying to avoid that this time around.  Not the first time an editor has disagreed with me (nor the last, nor in anything less than great quantity).  it's probably even worse for my friend Dorian, an accomplished game writer who received a special note that he'd made it to the final round of judging before being eliminated.  That's both inspiring and crushing at the same time.

The original book has been a ridiculously amazing experience that keeps going on and on - last week there was our inclusion into the Humble Bundle and a Reddit AMA, for instance.  I would dearly, dearly love to have been in this one as well, but I am not.  And that's okay.  Not optimal, but okay.  And I wish nothing but success to North, Bennardo, and Malki! and I hope they make a million bucks each off this one.  If it does so well that a third edition is needed, well, I've got some ideas cooking  . . .

Seriously.  Go buy it.  Support indie publishers making a difference and changing the way the industry works.  All the info you could ever want is at

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